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Liner Notes

An Ep I did, it’s out on Manual Music.


Our long time resident Qbical returns to the label for the 2nd chapter of his Plane.Arium series. The first part included the smash hit ‘Enceladus’ and was released in between his two artist albums ‘Life Is Just A Bunch Of Pixels’ (2008) and ‘The Night’ (2012). We’ve got reason to believe this second Plane.Arium EP includes another track with massive hit potential: ‘Kepler’. ‘Kepler’ is an groovy crowd pleasing bomb packed with intense layers of synths which get freakier when the song progresses. Think Kolsch dipped in Qbical funk, think euphoric moments on the dance floor, or simply let your mind go and get sucked into the vibe of this one, success guaranteed! The second track on this EP, ‘Plato’, takes things a bit easier but that doesn’t mean Qbical has lost sight of the dance floor, au contraire baby! Lush vocal snippets keep floating throughout this track on a bed of warm synths, crispy percussion, a deep bassline and topped off with a pinch of acid. Sounds like the perfect recipe, right? Last but not least we welcome Ron Flatter on board of Manual Music for the very first time. He has taken on remix duties for Qbical’s KXY track which was originally released on his ‘The Night’ album. Ron strips down the original to a straight forward electro influenced little number that will leave it’s marks on any dance floor. Qbical is back with a couple of bombs! Please handle with care and use them to your advantage..


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