Before we start mastering it’s a great idea to check the following 4 steps to ensure we get started in the best way possible. If you have any questions about all this don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments!

Check your mix

A good mix will make a great master, a sloppy mix will never become great. Make sure you are happy with how your mix is sounding before sending. If you need help with the mix just let me know, drop me a line via the contact form on the mastering page.

Before you export your mix

Before you bounce or export your mix to a .wav file make sure you disable any processing on your master/mix bus like compression or EQ. This gives me more to work with.
Furthermore, it’s a good idea to leave at least 6dB of headroom to make sure there isn’t any clipping.

Export Settings

When you’re mix sounds good, you have disabled any processing on the master/mix bus and you have around 6dB of headroom on your meters it’s time to hit the export or bounce button.
Export your song to a .wav file using the sample rate of your project and the highest bit depth possible ( for example 48Khz 32bit ). You can enable dithering while exporting this will help in getting the best quality export. Please do not use normalizing or a similar feature.
When exporting your mix be sure to check the start and end and make sure you export a little bit extra at the end to let a reverb tail or similar die out without cutting it off.

Label & Upload

Name the resulting file(s) in a way like this: 01 Artist – Song Title ( Remix ). If you have multiple files please archive them in a .zip file. After that use a file sharing service like WeTransfer,, Dropbox or a similar site to upload the files and paste the resulting link in the contact form on the mastering page to get started!


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