Wow, it’s been a while since I wrote an article or blog post. To be honest, I felt like it a whole lot but making a whole website was a bit of a hassle so it took a while. A few years past, and now here it is my new website / blog / mastering site thingy!

My main focus of the site is of course news and updates about my activities as a music producer. But also a very big part is my mastering business. over the years I have gathered a vast amount of clients that I help with mastering and giving general advice on mixing and other technical aspects of music production. As such I plan to dive a bit deeper into the education aspect by writing some handy dandy tutorials on music production for you all to read. While I’m also tempted to do this through video on YouTube I realized that is a bit time consuming for me to set up and would take away a lot of time from my other activities. 

So, I’m glad to be back on the world wide web, please leave a note if you have any questions or comments and hope to see you soon here on!

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