Mastering by Qbical


What I offer You

Just want your song mastered for download or would you like a version for streaming services like Spotify, vinyl ready masters or a Mastered for iTunes version?

I can do it all for you if you’d like!

Basic Master

25 per track
  • Download
  • Streaming
  • Vinyl Ready
  • iTunes

Pro Master

40 per track
  • Download
  • Streaming
  • Vinyl Ready
  • iTunes

Ready to start?

What is mastering?

Mastering is the final step before releasing your music to the world. A last tune-up and check so to speak.

Your song could be a long time in the making. From the first idea to the writing and sound design, demo, recording and mix you will have spent a large amount of time on your song. A fresh pair of ears from a helpful mastering engineer will often bring out some details that could be made better all to ensure the highest quality end result!

During the mastering process the song will be treated so that it stands out on whatever system you’re listening on.

Be it iPhone Earpods, a high quality Hi-Fi set or an impressive line-array at a big festival it will all sound consistently great with a good master!

How does it work?

Since I only do online mastering it’s pretty easy, let me explain to you how I work.

Once you made a great mix of your song you can export/bounce it to a 24bit or better a 32bit WAV file. It’s best to just keep the sample rate at the same value as your project and don’t apply dithering. Also please disable all limiters, exciters, stuff on your master bus. Without them I have more to work with!

You can then upload the file via a service like WeTransfer and send the link to me via the contact form! Make sure to name your file ( Artist – Songtitle ). If you have any extra information like meta data please include it as a separate text file with the upload, best to create an zip archive of all the files you’d like to send.

Once I finish the master I’ll send you a high quality preview mp3 of a part of the song along with the invoice. Once you paid the invoice I’ll send the full mastered files!

Pretty easy right?

If you have any questions don’t be afraid to contact me!

Let's get your music mastered!