Since 2006 I’ve been working professionally in the music business. With all the experience that I have gained over the years I’m extremely excited to share my music to the world. To help other artists with mix and mastering. Educate with helpful tutorials, or just rock the crowds with a live or DJ set.

I am Qbical, and this is my website!

About Me

In my work as Qbical I specialize in the weird, wonderful and melodic side of techno. In my productions, live and DJ sets I try to incorporate that one unexpected ingredient that will make you think and scream out: “What the hell is this sound I’m listening to and why is it so out of this world fat!”.

With a steady basis in melodic techno and regular sidesteps into electronica, pop, indie, rock, and lots of other genres that change name every year. I try to keep my sound refreshing, but most of all danceable. You can check out the music section for proof of that!

In the years since getting a degree in Music Technology I have been keen to share what I have learned over the years to friends and new producers alike.

Next to my work as a producer and all-out music tech nerd, I also help others with my Mastering service. Over the years I have mastered a couple of hundreds of tracks. That really helped me hone my skills and deliver the high-quality end result people now expect from me.


They say that a picture says a thousand words. Music does a one up on that! You can just close your eyes and be sucked into the music, that’s what I love about music and always will try to achieve in my productions, feel free to browse around in the music section to get a taste of it!

Or, better yet, check out my latest release right here!


Mastering is the final step before releasing your music to the world. A last tune-up and check so to speak. Working out of my studio in Amersfoort, The Netherlands I use my experience build up over the years to help people like you out with affordable mastering, mixing or just free advice. Join the hundreds of artists I have helped over the years and get your music mastered!