ST4 Synth/Tracker

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Well this looks cool! It’s a kickstarter campaign to fund a interesting looking contraption called the ST4. It’s made by a company called Tasty Chips Electronics, there from Utrecht in The Netherlands. You may have heard of them since they already make a very affordable mono-synth called The Sawbench for just 149 euro’s.

Anyway, back to the ST4. It says on the product page that it’s a 4 voice machine. A voice can be one of the digital oscillators having the usual suspects of waveforms but you can also use samples, or sample stuff using the internal mic and sampler. The build-in bit crusher will help you achieve 8bit epicness in no time as you can hear in the demo.

Coolest thing to me is the sequencer that operates in a tracker kind of way, but then sideways I guess by seeing the video. Have to see more of this to be honest but I always love how a tracker interface limits how you deal with note-entry. For me it always gives me unexpected happy accidents so it’s great that this is now in hardware form if you’re into that.

Check out the kickstarter for even more information!

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