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Qbical also known as Raymond van Baal, specializes in the weird, wonderful but most of all melodic side of house and techno. In his own productions, live and DJ sets he has been incorporating that one unexpected ingredient that will make you think and scream out on the dance floor “What the hell is this sound I’m listening to and why is it so out of this world fat!”.

With a steady basis in melodic techno and regular sidesteps into electronica, pop, indie, rock and lot’s of other genre’s that change name every year, his sound is always refreshing but most of all danceable. This works especially well on his two albums, “Life Is a Bunch Of Pixels” and “The Night” as well as the boatload of releases and remixes he has done since 2006.

Next to the studio work, Qbical finds himself most at home on stage. With DJ and live sets all across Europe and playing almost every festival and venue in homeland The Netherlands you can really say that performing is in his blood!

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