TR-808 teardown

A look inside a classic!

With all the new stuff going to be announced at Musik Messe ( starting tomorrow ) it’s always nice to look back. Markus Fuller made a great little teardown video of the Roland TR-808. Ever wondered what’s inside this iconic machine, be sure to check out the video. Oh and be sure to check out his channel as well. Lot’s of very informative video’s on there!

MiraculuM – Neurone ( Qbical Remix )

I’ve got a new remix out. You can find it on the Stellar Fountain label. It’s a bit simper and more techno sounding then my usual “proggy”. Decided to go in that direction a while ago and now finally achieving what I like soundwise.

I took some of the original elements into Bitwig Studio and had a lot of fun with them. The main synth part is Bitwig’s Polysynth modulated with a lot of stuff to make it a bit more freaky sounding. Anyway, check it out for yourself, right here on Spotify and let me know what you think!

ST4 Synth/Tracker

Tracker in a box?

Well this looks cool! It’s a kickstarter campaign to fund a interesting looking contraption called the ST4. It’s made by a company called Tasty Chips Electronics, there from Utrecht in The Netherlands. You may have heard of them since they already make a very affordable mono-synth called The Sawbench for just 149 euro’s.

Anyway, back to the ST4. It says on the product page that it’s a 4 voice machine. A voice can be one of the digital oscillators having the usual suspects of waveforms but you can also use samples, or sample stuff using the internal mic and sampler. The build-in bit crusher will help you achieve 8bit epicness in no time as you can hear in the demo.

Coolest thing to me is the sequencer that operates in a tracker kind of way, but then sideways I guess by seeing the video. Have to see more of this to be honest but I always love how a tracker interface limits how you deal with note-entry. For me it always gives me unexpected happy accidents so it’s great that this is now in hardware form if you’re into that.

Check out the kickstarter for even more information!

iZotope Vinyl

Free plugin celebrating iZotope’s 15th birthday!

Always nice to get this in the mail. iZotope celebrates it’s 15th birthday by updating there free vinyl plugin. You can get it for free from there website.

With Vinyl it’s easy to give a little bit more live to your tracks. You can just make a sterile loop more crunchy by adding a bit of vinyl wear or gritty textures to it. Or just add it to an empty track and add some vinyl crackles to the background of your track. This always helps to add some depth to your mix!

Anyway, enjoy the free stuff, you need to register at there site though but it’s obviously a great deal :)

DJing, and how it changed over the years

A video series by Pioneer about their 20 year in the business

Pretty cool little video about the history of the CDJ. It’s from pioneer so expect a bit of a commercial vibe in here but it’s still nice non the less.

Check out part 2 and especially part 3 below, and let me know how you like to play music in the comments!

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Ben Stecker ft. Motsfeld – You Are Never Here ( Qbical Spaced Out Mix )

Out now on Cinematique

I recently did a remix for fellow “Amersfoorter” Ben Stecker. His “You Are Never Here” features vocals by Motsfeld and it was a real pleasure to work on it. The original is pretty straightforward with a pulsating beat and soothing chords accompanying the vocal. I tried to switch things up with some off beat syncopated synth sequences and sudden chord changes. You can listen to the result below.

If you enjoy the track please support it by buying it on Bandcamp or Beatport.

#Hello World

Fresh ‘n Clean

Welcome to my little blog on the web, it’s simple and a bit empty as of yet but there will be lots of stuff to see here! I’ll use this blog so you can keep up with my shenanigans being dj, music producer, mix & mastering engineer and all out music technology fanatic. Be sure to follow me if you’re into that!

Enjoy your stay and if you have any questions let me know in the comments!