I do a lot of mastering these days for labels and artist all over the globe. You can read all about my services and affordable pricing here. I just finished a little video detailing the delivery guidelines, some mistakes are very often made with this so you might find this interesting!


Out today on Manual Music, my remix for Patchy’s Control!

Check what this review had to say about the remix:

A definite winner for the more clued up floors out there!


The Prophet 12 by  Dave Smith Instruments

The Prophet 12 by Dave Smith Instruments

Browsing the web the other day I found some cool free sample packs on Create Digital Music. It includes a pack of Prophet 12 sounds by Francis Prève along with some Volca Beat sounds. Livid Instruments completes the pack with some Moog Minitaur sounds!

Get it all right here!

Thanks to the BBC we can all check out a big chunk of Kraftwerk’s latest show on youtube! Really like how they modernized some of the tracks like Computer Love to today’s electronic music standards without losing that typical Kraftwerk feel, track list after the break, enjoy!



Monday is new release day in general, today is no different. You can now download my remixes, a vocal and a dub version, for Alice Rose’s “Shadow Princess”. It’s out on Manual Music and exclusive on Beatport for now.


Welcome to the latest version of my website! Here you can find cool articles about music and music technology. I’m also gathering my complete discography here for you all to listen to via soundcloud. To top things off you can find more information about the mix and mastering services I offer for a very good price, check it out and tell me what you think!